Ya know when something comes together and it's exactly like you wanted? This tea, this drink blend mix is that thing. It is so perfect! I love the rich deep taste of Chaga (ethically wild harvested by a master mushroom-er!) and organic ethical cacao nibs ground up, a shake of sea salt, a couple shakes of cinnamon and GET THIS! Maple sugar from Maple syrup from Maple trees! HOW COOL IS THAT!? I make mine with rice milk and the servings per bag are huge. 4 ounces resealable tea bag, 1 1/2 or 2 teaspoons per cup of what ever you like, (cow milk, rice milk, oat or soy, water, black tea, coffee etc.) and stir. I love this so much!


I offer free shipping within the continental US for orders over 35.00. I ship via USPS, and refund shipping overages of one dollar.

On the weekends, usually, I make deliveries within a 5 mile radius of Lake Street and River Road. Please contact me after your purchase for that option.

Everything I make is formulated with organic + wild harvested botanicals, gathered and created with loving intention for you, me, the Earth and Plants, contains no harsh chemicals, additives, fragrances, colorants or other harmful synthetic ingredients and sold at Farmers Markets and local stores in Minneapolis Minnesota.

All containers are home + municipal compostable or reusable and recyclable. I use as little plastic as possible.

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All body care and herbal offerings are made in small batches, for you by me. Descriptions and information are for informational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. I ask you to speak to your Health Care Provider before using any remedy or changing your health care routine.

Packages almost certainly arrive, occasionally late due to post office issues. Please be patient. 

All external packaging material is either recycled or plastic free as much as possible. If your offering includes bubble-wrap, it's because I've received it from one of my suppliers I'm reusing it rather than trash it or after a single use recycle it, please do the same. Sometimes re-used packaging is less attractive but never grimy or dirty.

s'rooms + cacao tea, chaga + chocolate drink mix

  • Plain tissue paper with colorful string please tell me in the ADD NOTE area of check out.