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Fire Eater!

This is my Fire Eater recipe. Also known as fire cider and master tonic. Incredibly traditional. Almost exactly like Rosemary Gladstar when she first started teaching and sharing the recipe in the 1970’s. This recipe is also in Rosemary Gladstar's books and available on youtube. I've spoken to her and she says it is fantastic so many people love, share and use her recipe, so I thought, Hmmmmm I should give my recipe away. So here it is.

1 large yellow onion

1 head of garlic

I knob of ginger

1 knob of horseradish

1/2 gallon of apple cider vinegar

a couple of hot peppers, your choice

If you have access try a little bit of burdock root in it.

herbs of your choice. I like rosemary ;)

Really try to have all this be organic.

blend, add to a glass jar with a wide mouth. Put wax paper over the top of the jar and rubber band it or put a canning ring on it. The wax paper protects the acid in the vinegar from eating away at the metal or rubber. Let sit for 6 weeks or so. Strain and drink the remaining liquid. You can take a shot plain, add honey, add it water or use as a mixer in alcohol drinks. Use as a salad dressing, on top of veggies. Use the left over goodies from you fire cider as a marinade for meat, seafood or veggies or any other way you wish. Most importantly eat and drink it! I know its strong, but it really will help you when you are coming down with something.

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